1. DO let him open doors for you, take your arm crossing streets, and other gentlemanly practices. He enjoys doing these things for you. It makes him feel protective of you, and consequently more masculine himself.

   2. DONíT let the green-eyes monster get you. If you see him talking to another girl, it doesnít necessarily mean heís planning to dump you for her. Just keep your relationship on an even footing at all times.

   3. DONíT be one of those people who canít take teasing. Boys love to tease girls, and they donít mean anything by it. Learn to take it as well as give it back. Heíll like you all the more for it.

   4. DONíT use a boy as a stepping stone to get to one of his friends. You will not only have hurt another human being deeply, but you will have out-smarted yourself as well. Boys usually tend to stick together. Once the word gets out about what youíve done, your name will be mud!

   5. DO try to see things from the boyís point of view sometimes. Donít wear blinders that prevent you form taking notice of anything but that which is directly in your path.

   6. DO be aware of his money situation. Arrange study dates or picnic or window- shopping outings to save on his finances.

   7. DONíT neglect your girlfriends because youíve started dating a boy. Find time for them, too, or you may find you donít have a friend when you really need one.

   8. DONíT act sentimental around him when friends are nearby. You could embarrass him, and they might not ever let him hear the end of it. Let him be proud of you in front of his friends.

   9. DONíT monopolize him. He has other friends and activities as well as spending time with you, and so should you. You can kill a relationship by smothering it!

   10. DONíT try to change him. You were attracted to him because he is the way he is. If you start changing him, he wonít be the same boy at all.