Like I said before, Iíve been very lucky. Personally and professionally, Iím very happy working on ďThe Brady BunchĒ. Where else could I work at what I love best and get to make such good friends?

I absolutely adore Florence Henderson, Robert Reed and Ann B. Davis. I think of them all as friends. If I have a problem I want to discuss with any of them, theyíre always there to help.

And as for the kids - my three ďbrothersĒ and two ďsistersĒ - I guess you can tell weíre pretty close. Besides the show, we make records together, do concerts and personal appearances together, and see each other socially. Now if we didnít like each other, can you imagine what that would be like?

You should see us on the set between scenes. Barry, Chris and Mike are always looking for ways to play practical jokes on Eve, Susan and me. And you wouldnít believe the teasing that goes on between the six of us!

I guess Iíve learned a lot about boys and dating and how to be popular from my three real brothers and my three brothers on the show. When I was dating this one guy last year, Barry and Chris gave me lots of good advice.

As for my own dating life, itís very casual. Iím not dating anyone steadily right now. I kind of enjoy playing the field. Most of the boys I date Iíve known for a long time. Itís pretty hard for me to meet new people while Iím filming. Iím usually on the set all day, and am absolutely exhausted when I get home at night. Besides, Iím really more comfortable with the kids I grew up with, ones that have know me since I was in kindergarten.