Assuming that you do want him to, give him the go-ahead signal by looking deeply into his eyes and smiling warmly. Miraculously, you donít bump foreheads or noses once, and the kiss is something you can dream about until you see him next time.

You must realize, though, that there isnít always a next time. Sometimes you just donít hit it off together in his eyes, and itís just easier to say heíll be calling soon. If he doesnít, donít let it get you down. There are millions of boys out there just waiting for you to turn the old charm on them. Chalk it up to experience, and better hunting next time!

On the other hand, you may be very fortunate and find someone who turns into a steady boyfriend. Thatís great! Enjoy the relationship and grow with it.

In the meantime, I though you might be able to use this handy little reference Iíve put together for you. Itís very general, but you should be able to make them apply to your specific problems.