Date night! Forget about that silly notion that girl is supposed to keep her date waiting a few minutes even if sheís ready. When a boy makes a date for 7:30, he expects you to be ready at 7:30 and its your responsibility to see that you are.

Meeting a girlís parents can be an awkward situation for a boy. Itís up to you to see that it isnít. After introducing him to your parents, you might start the ball rolling by pointing out to your father that your date is a member of the football team, or to your mother that he is also interested in photography. Find anything that will get the conversation going and remain around to steer it if you have to.

From the time you leave your house till the time you reach your destination, this is a good time for light conversation. Get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other before you bowl him over with your knowledge of nuclear science or economics.

One reason that movies are such a good place to go to on a first date is that it gives you something to talk about. You canít really talk much while the movie is on, but afterwards you can discuss the film over a hamburger or a coke. You donít have to worry about whether or not youíll run out of conversation because the movie takes care of a large portion of your evening - until youíre able to feel comfortable in other areas.

If you do go with him to have something to eat before he takes you home, try and find out what heís going to order before you make your decision. Take a hint from him. If heís going to order just a coke, then you do the same. Donít hit him with a hamburger and all the works when he may be on a shoestring budget. If heís going to have something more, then he can, too.

I guess I should mention something about transportation. If he has a car, there may be a certain questions that come to your mind. One is how to get in and out of it gracefully. Hereís a hint. When he opens the door for you, donít get in legs first.

While facing him, gracefully lower yourself down to a sitting position and then swing your legs over. Getting out, swing your legs over to the ground, gently arch your back and stand, careful not to hit your head on the door. If youíre doubling with another couple and youíre sitting in the backseat of a two-door car, there is just no way to get in and out gracefully, but do your best.

Another question that might be bothering you is where to sit once youíre in the car. If the car has bucket seats, there really isnít much of a problem. But on a normal bench seat you can either sit next to the driver or next to the door. Since all cars come equipped with seat belts nowadays, use the set closest to the door for the first few dates. If you date him more than that and he suggests you sit closer to him than that, then I think itís OK for you to slide over next to him and use the middle set of belts. You notice I keep emphasizing using your seat belts no matter where youíre sitting. Thatís because I think theyíre extremely important.

The date is over and he takes you home. As he walks you to your door, he might take your hand. Thatís a sure sign he had a good time and plans to see you again. Thank him for the lovely evening he showed you. Heíll probably tell you how much he enjoyed the evening too, and mutter something about calling you soon.

If he seems a little ill at ease and maybe shuffles around a bit, itís probably because he canít decide whether or not to kiss you goodnight. Itís not that he doesnít want to; heís just not sure if you want him to.