Whether the guy asks you out in person or over the phone, remember to control your emotions. Let a little enthusiasm through so he knows you really want to go out with him, but donít make it sound as if youíve been sitting around waiting for him to ask you out.

He will probably ask you out for something specific like a movie, a party, a dance, etc., and you can use the extra time before the date to plan what would be appropriate to wear and how to fix your hair.

Experiment at home with different outfits until you find the one that looks the best on you. There are probably certain color combinations that would look fantastic with your individual skin tone and hair color. Redheads look stunning in green. If you have a great tan you worked hard to get, show it off in white. The contrast will be effective. Blondes are just right for pastels, and brunettes can really wear the bolder colors like blue, red and black.

Fool around with your hair until you decide which style looks best on you. Get the total look with the make-up youíre planning on wearing. Itís great if you can match the eye shadow to the color of your outfit, or come as close to it as possible. It makes it look like youíre really all together from head to toe.

Make sure youíre satisfied with your entire appearance. Now is the time to change anything youíre not happy with; not ten minutes before heís due to pick you up. When everythingís AOK in your mind, youíre sure to be seen at your best advantage.