There are probably those among you who donít believe that dating is an art. Some guy asks you if you want to go to a movie and you say yes. Whatís artistic about that?

Think of it this way. First you get yourself ready to date almost in the same way a concert pianist gets ready for a performance. Then you practice your knowledge gradually and with great pains as a sculptor might move bits of clay around until heís satisfied he has created a masterpiece.

Yes, indeed. I definitely place dating up there with the rest of the great arts. And you, too, can qualify for an M.D.A. (Master of Dating Arts) degree from the Maureen McCormick School of Social Interaction and Society to Prevent Cruelty to Telephone Poles.


Somehow you got that darling boy youíve been drooling over for three months to ask you out on a real, live date. After months of plotting and planning, your hard work has finally paid off. But now, for some strange reason, panic sets in. Youíre actually dreading going out with him.

Donít worry. Youíre not experiencing anything different that millions of girls before you havenít felt. Now that heís risen to the bait, youíre not quite sure what to do with him.

First date jitters are bound to happen to both parties. After all, up to now youíve only known each other in a somewhat formal way, possibly as members of a group activity. Dating puts your relationship on a one-to-one basis, and you have to have a successful first date if the relationship is going to get off the ground. Letís run through a sample date from the time he asks you out to the time he brings you home to give you an idea of what to expect.