If you can get to class a few minutes early, use the extra time for conversation. Good ice- breakers are usually comments about the class, maybe comparing notes. One of you is bound to be a better note taker. If thereís an exam coming up, maybe you can suggest studying together.


Youíve found him! It took a lot of effort on your part, but you finally did it. Youíve decided heís the one for you. Now all you have to do is get him to realize youíre the one for him. This isnít always easy, but I have a five-point plan that I think will help you.

1. Make sure he has no other commitments. This is very important, and I canít emphasize it enough. If thereís another girl in the picture, donít get involved. You wouldnít want another girl to pull the same stunt on you, so donít do it to her even if sheís a girl you donít know personally.

2. Make sure he notices you by becoming a casual acquaintance. By this, I mean you canít fantasize and hope a movie star will ask you out because you saw him when he did a concert in your town. Or that the boy who sits in the back of your English class and youíve never spoken to will suddenly ask you for a date. In each case, neither guy knows youíre alive. So make sure the boy youíve set your mind on knows youíre alive by being friendly in a casual sort of way. Remember to always smile and say hi. Donít be pushy - just friendly.

3. Find a mutual interest and take advantage of it. Hopefully there is something the two of you have in common. Try and find out what it is. If necessary, invent something. This is where things like the special interest clubs, church groups, and political campaigns come in handy. Itís easier to find something in common in these activities because youíre already involved in the same single-purpose ventures. Whatever it is, use it as a lever to pry open the new relationship. Lean on your common interest until you feel you can safely relate to him in other areas.

4. Show him youíre interested in him as a person. This step brings you from the casual acquaintance stage to the friendship stage. Seek him out to talk about various things. Ask his advice on subjects. Make him feel that you think of him as a friend, and hope the he thinks of you as one also.