Chapter Two
"Practice Makes Perfect"

Now that you’ve discovered that you, too, can be popular, you’re probably looking for a place to practice your newly gained information. And “practice” is exactly the right term.

Naturally the first few times you try all these new ideas may be less than successful. The reason is that you’re now putting theory into use, and every individual has to bend the theory to fit her perfectly. With each new experience, you’ll find what fits you best.


If you’re waiting for Prince Charming to come charging up on his white horse and carry you off into the sunset, you’re going to have a long wait. The freeways are murder these days, and most princes are giving up that sort of thing anyway. You have to go out to places where boys are likely to be. The problem is how do you know where they are?

Think about it now. Boys are just as interested in meeting girls as girls are in meeting boys. So they tend to congregate in places where girls are. The best places to meet boys than are in group activities.

Take school for instance. You can get a lot more out of your classes than English grammar and square roots. Unless you go to an all-girl school, there are bound to be boys in your classes.

Make the most of the situation. Try and sit next to a group of boys instead of bunching together with your girlfriends. Sure it’s a little awkward, but no boy is going to talk to you if you’re surrounded by four or five other girls.