The main thing you have to have going for yourself is sincerity. Boys like girls who are real and honest with them. A sure test for your sincerity is to compare the way you act when youíre with a group of girls and the way you act when youíre with one boy or a group of boys. Itís understandable that you might be a little more tense when boys are around, and maybe you tend to primp a little more, but basically that should be the only difference. You must learn to be a real person with everyone - boys and girls alike.

Youíve all seen the little flirt who undergoes a sudden change in her personality when there is a boy even remotely nearby. Suddenly she becomes so sweet and adorable, her eyelashes batting away, you could almost throw up for her overacting. Then as soon as he leaves, sheís back to her normal old self again. Donít think all her efforts were wasted on the guy. He knew exactly what she was doing, too.

By this time, you should have a pretty good idea what I mean when I say you have to get ready to be popular. Donít forget that these suggestions Iíve given you are not just one- time projects. You canít just get ready; you have to keep ready!

If you keep the inner you and outer you beautiful at all times, how can you help but be popular? Because the secret to popularity is self-confidence. And once you feel you look attractive and have a mind and personality that will interest the opposite sex, just stand back and watch the stampede of boys who will rush to your side.

A word of caution, though. Itís fine to have self-confidence, but donít ever get to the point where youíre over-confident. Remember you can destroy anything you have going for you if you think so highly of yourself there isnít room left to think of others.