Do you read enough, or are you one of those people who are content to get all their intellectual stimulation from television? TV can only do so much. How about newspapers, magazines books?

Are you stagnant? Do you find yourself talking about things like fashion trends and Hollywood gossip? If you do, then you probably also find youíve run out of topics to discuss in about five minutes. There is nothing so nerve-wracking as those terrible lulls in conversation where neither party can think of anything to say.

Save yourself that embarrassment by storing up things to say. When you read a newspaper, donít just settle for a glimpse at the headlines and a quick scan of the comics and gossip sections. Read the major news stories, the editorials and the political opinion sections.

Try difference things. Go to an opera or a ballet, take a course in pottery, learn to play tennis or go horseback riding. The more experiences you have, the more well-rounded your personality becomes, and the more interesting you can become to other people.

What kind of personality do you have? Can you be objective enough for a moment to see you as others see you? Are you a fun person to be around or a drag? Are you willing to put yourself out for other people? Do you wait for others to make the first move to you or jump right in and make the move yourself?

Are you shy and ill at ease with people, or do you give off a feeling of self-assurance and warmth? Do you always have to be the center of attention in a group of people, or can you be just as happy in the background? In other words, are you the kind of person you want to be? More importantly, would a person meeting you for the first time want to enter into a relationship with you?