Phase two of getting ready involves the inner you. Like I said before, a guy may be attracted to you by your outward physical appearance. That may be enough to keep him interested for a couple of dates. After that, youíd better have something else going for you as well.

The days when a girl had to pretend she was dumb to keep from hurting the male pride of a guy she liked are over. Boys like to think the girl they like is intelligent and can hold her own in a conversation. One thing to remember is that you canít talk to a boy about the same things you would to a bunch of girls. He just isnít interested in the dreamy new dress you saw or the new hairdo your best girlfriend started wearing. Youíll also turn him off with gossip. Save that for the next slumber party you have.

What do you talk to a guy about then? One of the best ways to get a guy talking is to ask him questions about himself. Boys, bless their little hearts, love to have someone to tell all their favorite subjects to.

Learn to be a good listener. When heís talking to you, even if heís telling the story of how he made his last touchdown and youíve heard it thirty-eight times before, never let your eyes wander from his face. Look straight into his eyes and try to keep an animated expression on your face - as if you canít wait to hear how it turns out.

When there are lags in the conversation, a few well-times questions are good to drop in. Of course it is a good idea to have some knowledge about his favorite topics of discussion. If heís a football nut, try and learn as much as you can about the game so he wonít have to spend all his time explaining whatís happening while he misses a touchdown being played.

Is he crazy about astronomy? Then check out every book you can find in the library and start reading. Invest in a cheap telescope and have him come over and show you how to use it properly.

Even before you start to think about becoming involved with one special boy, though, you should start to think about broadening your horizons. Are you interested enough to keep a boyís attention once youíve got it?