Quantity isnít as important as quality. If you select five or six pieces that are well made and are interchangeable, youíve made it look like you have a greater amount of clothes than you actually do. Accessories are great for this purpose, too. Scarves and jewelry can make one outfit look like ten different ones.

Once you have your clothes picked out, keep them in good shape. If youíre just going to be sitting around the house after school, take off your good clothes and hand them up.

Have your clothes cleaned or laundered often. Check them for missing buttons, rips, or hems that are starting to come down.

Take care of all repairs immediately, and donít look for the easy way out. If a hem comes down, donít pin it - sew it. By taking care of your things, they will last longer and look better.

If you tend to perspire very heavily and there isnít an anti-perspirant on the market that seems to help you, wear underarm protectors. Thereís nothing more unfeminine than seeing a blouse or a dress with dark perspiration stains on it.

Make sure your undies are in good condition and there are no runs in your nylons. Slips should always be checked with individual outfits to make sure they donít hand out.

You should always feel confident in what youíre wearing, so donít go for skirts that are so short youíre afraid to sit down or bend over in them. If you look great in a tight-fitting paid of pants but you know youíll never be able to walk in them, let alone sit down in them without fear of them splitting, donít get them. There are few places you can go where you donít have to move or sit down.

There are three things to remember about your clothes: Use good taste in selecting them, good judgment in switching them around, and good sense in repairing them. If you do, I predict youíll have good luck in wearing them.