Be careful that your efforts appear casual. If you come on too strong, you can scare a boy away. Above all, donít try and be one of the guys. Always retain your femininity. Guys like that feeling of being around a girl. If they wanted to be with the rest of the fellows, they could go to the gym.

How about becoming active in student government? Did you ever notice how many boys you can find there? While youíre there, donít forget to volunteer for special committees. Thereís nothing like working in close contact on a small committee to make a guy notice a girl.

The school newspaper is another great place to meet boys. When you first join, theyíll probably make you a cub reporter. What better way to meet boys than to work with them on the staff of the paper and to interview them for the paper. Thatís right! You can meet the captain of the basketball team by having the excuse of interviewing him for the paper. Or anyone else for that matter.

Then there are the special interest clubs. Letís say you just love Spanish. Well, how about joining the Spanish Club. You can meet a lot of people who share your interest in the language, and some of them are sure to be boys.

Probably the best place to meet boys is around sports. You may not personally like football or baseball, but learn to at least tolerate them. Attend all your school games. You may not get to date someone on the team, but you might get to meet someone sitting next to you in the stands.

Churches and synagogues usually have youth groups. I canít urge you strongly enough to join them. Some of the groups have projects like visiting the elderly or tutoring underprivileged children. They also have purely social gatherings like dances, plays and bazaars.