If youíre too fat or too thin, there are diets you can go on to lose or gain weight, but check with your doctor first. If your weight is fine, but itís just not distributed in the right places, there are exercises you can do to help redistribute the weight. Find a program that works for you, and stick to it!

HAIR: Your hair is a very important part of making an attractive you. Girls probably spend more time on their hair than they do on anything else. Be sensible about your hair. Donít wear it like everyone else does just to be ďinĒ. If you donít look good in long hair, cut it. If you donít look good in short hair, let it grow.

How does your hair fit the shape of your face? If youíre very petite and fragile-looking and you have this big mess of hair always falling in your eyes, you may look extremely top-heavy.

What about the texture of your hair? Is it dull, frazzled-looking, with a lot of split ends? Thereís nothing as attractive as shiny, bouncy hair that looks equally appealing freshly combed or slightly tousled. Have your hair shaped and styled by a professional beautician who can trim those ugly split ends and give some shape to the limpest-textured hair.

If your hair is dry, shampoo only twice a week and use a special creme rinse. Try to stay away from using hair dryers too much; they tend to dry your hair out even more. If your hair is oily, you may find you have to wash your hair as often as every other day. Use one of the new creme rinses with lemon in it. The lemon tends to remove excess oiliness and also brings a shine to your hair.

With all the electric rollers, hot combs, and hair dryers today, there is really no excuse for a girl to go out looking like a mess. And remember, no boy likes to see a girl out in public with rollers in her hair. Do all your hair setting in the privacy of your bedroom.

SKIN: Helen of Troy is supposed to have had the face that launched a thousand ships. Undoubtedly she never had any problems with her skin like most teenage girls do today.

Usually by eliminating all things like chocolate, french fries, and soft drinks from your diet, you wonít have too much difficulty with your skin. Since the skin tends to retain excess oil, you must wash your face several times a day.

The best way to wash is to first pat very warm water all over your face. This stimulates your pores to open. Then with warm water and soap, gently rub all over to cleanse dirt and oil from the open pores. Rinse with cold water to close the pores and dry.

If you should have serious problems with your skin, however, see a dermatologist right away. Heís a doctor who specializes in treating skin problems, and may put you on a program of medication to help clear up your skin.

MAKE-UP: The look today in make-up is natural. Letís start with your eyebrows. Your brows frame your eyes just as a frame does a beautiful painting.

Are they shaped to your best advantage? If theyíre not and you want to try and tweeze them to reshape them, hereís a word of warning. Always pluck from below the brow, never above. The top portion of the eyebrow shows the natural arch. Never tweeze them so they give you a permanent surprise look, never strive for the pencil-thin brow of the 1930 movies, and never, but never, shave your brows - they might not grow back again.