Chapter One
"Getting Yourself Ready"

Every girl wants to be popular, but some girls just donít know how to go about obtaining it. Popularity, like opportunity, is something you have to make for yourself. Thatís why I believe every girl can be popular - if she sets her mind to it.

Of course you have to realize no fairy godmother is going to wave her magic wand over you and make you popular just because you wish it. Thereís a lot of hard work involved. So letís get down to the business at hand.


The first thing that attracts a boy to a girl is her physical appearance. Later on in the relationship heíll learn to appreciate your brain and your personality, but heíll ask you out on a first date because he likes the way you look.

Try and find a quiet room, preferably your bedroom or a bathroom that has a full-length mirror. Take a piece of paper and a pencil, and, as you stand in front of the mirror, prepare to grade yourself honestly on your physical appearance. On a scale of one to five for each area, letís see how you do on the following:

GENERAL SHAPE: No cheating now! If you were a guy, would you whistle at the figure staring back at you in the mirror? You would? Well, then you are either a natural Raquel Welch-type, or youíre lying to yourself. Almost every figure can stand improvement.

Are you too fat or too skinny? Do you have heavy thighs or spindly legs? Do you have a curvy or a lumpy shape? If you grade yourself anything less than four on this, then you have work to do.