Official Statement Regarding
Fox's Unauthorized: The Final Days

Dear Brady Fans,

Having watched the misguided Fox production the other night, and noted the reaction some have expressed on the news group, I felt that some clarification could be helpful. This movie was 'Unauthorized' for a very good reason. Some of you are assuming that because it was 'in the movie', it is fact. This could not be further from the case. There were so many inconsistencies, chronological absurdities and blatant fabrications of scenes, that to trust in anything presented as 'truth', in this program, is to give sensationalist television programmers far too much credit.

I know Sherwood and Lloyd very well. My name is Hope. I am Sherwoodıs daughter, Lloydıs sister. Sherwood is known as, and has always been considered to be, a kind, charismatic, funny and above all, happy person. I was shocked by the depiction of my father as a cold, humorless man. And as for Lloyd....well, how far off can one portrayal be? Lloyd is a warm, sweet spirited, hard-working, quick-witted, very talented writer. A man who had never had a single confrontation with Robert Reed...certainly never called any guards on anyone, and one who, by the way, has never even tried smoking a cigarette. So before you all go off thinking that because you saw one networkıs idea of what might have happened, or one writerıs idea (nobody even bothered to talk with Sherwood or Lloyd) of what the people were actually like, remember, this show was the television equivalent of a tabloid newspaper.

I do not intend to present a full resume on Lloyd, but there are a few things that you might not know about him. Not only has he written and produced TV and theater completely outside of his relationship with Sherwood, he was responsible for writing the first play ever written specifically for dinner theater, one which continues to have successful productions across America. He has for the past five consecutive years won awards for writing plays which have been produced in Los Angeles, and writes and directs an extremely successful and critically acclaimed, Musical Childrenıs Theater: Storybook Theater. Lloyd has served as a network executive, seen two of his own screenplays produced, overseen hundreds of productions and is, in every way, as far from the weasely, errand-boy you were expected to accept as a reality, as can be.

You may think I am writing simply out of family loyalty. Sure I care about my family, but above that, I wanted you to get a truer picture of these people. I, too, occasionally work with my father, and sometimes I write scripts with my brother Lloyd. I don't 'have to'. I choose to. I have great respect for their talent, fairness and sense of humor. It is a joy to work with people you love and trust.

Please also try to remember that when a person is being interviewed it is impossible to know what will be used, and in what context. The 'Brady Special' people interviewed me for over 4 hours, and then used a half of a sentence.

I was also present for the final episode of the series, having a small part. And believe me, the picture Fox presented may have been inherently more sensational and dramatic. but it was not the way it was.