Brady World and the I Love Maureen Site are proud to have brought you this opportunity. We thank everyone who sent in questions and now you can read what Maureen had to say.

  1. What can you tell us about the film "Fortune Hunter" that you just finished shooting with Richard Thomas? What's the plot, and when can we look forward to seeing it?

    It was a lot of fun filming this movie "Fortune Hunters" with Richard Thomas, and a wonderful supporting cast, including Estelle Getty, Kay Ballard, Cory Feldman, Randy Travis, and other talented people..

    The plot: the good news is that the Hunter family just won a $50 Million dollar lottery. The bad news is that they lost the ticket in the middle of Los Angeles, and have only 4 hours to find it and claim their prize. It is a fast paced. adventure-action comedy, with a lot of exciting things happening throughout, and with a real surprise ending.

    At the present time, no definite time or place has been announced. Keep watching Brady World for all updates on "Fortune Hunters".

  2. How old were you when you decided you wanted to sing? Do you write music as well as sing and perform? What instruments do you know how to play?

    My mother and father always did their best to see that my brothers and I went with them to the Valley Music Theatre near our home. We saw many wonderful musical comedy stage productions and had a well stocked record collection of the old 78's and 45's. At the age of about four. I loved to sing the songs from them with my family. My father bought a four track recorder which really was the beginning of my singing instruction. I also took singing and dancing lessons, and when I was about eleven years old started guitar lessons. My older brother, Kevin and I wrote a song for one of the movies I was in. He also is teaching my daughter Natalie to play guitar.

  3. I read somewhere that you are the youngest child in your family. Did you enjoy playing one of the oldest siblings in the Brady Bunch?

    Yes, I was the youngest in our family. I have three older brothers, Michael, Kevin and Dennis. I did enjoy playing the oldest girl in the Brady family. After being told what to do, and how to act by three older brothers, I enjoyed telling my younger sisters in the Brady Bunch, what to do and how to act. Not really, but that is the way the scripts were written.

  4. Since there were so many Brady Bunch episodes, did it ever feel as though you were part of two REAL families?

    After five years of living as a Brady with five other siblings and having lived in my own family with three brothers, it was very easy and enjoyable to combine both families. My brothers were included with some of the get-to-gethers of the Brady family, as were the other siblings of all of the cast. We rehearsed the Brady Kids concert and touring act at our home at the beginning when it was being planned to form a singing group.

  5. How does it feel to know that your a hero to people like me?

    I feel most fortunate to have been selected to be a part of the Brady Bunch family, and felt very lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I do not at all feel like a hero but the person to thank is Mr. Sherwood Schwartz who created the Brady Bunch, and I am most grateful for the love and kindnesses shown by our many fans.

  6. I wrote Phantom Hill Records and ordered your tape. It's great. My question is-----What song has been released to radio so I may request it to get you heard out here in Owensboro, Kentucky?

    The songs from my album that received the most air play were the title song "When you Get a Little Lonely" and "Tell Momma". The selections from my album can be sampled through my Official web site, and the album can also be ordered through my brother, Michael of Phantom Records, who produced the album.

  7. We know that you wrote the title song to Texas Lightening. Have you written any other songs for movies or television or just for fun?

    No, I have not written any other songs. At the present time, my ambition is to do another television series. I would also love to do another album.

  8. What was your favorite Brady Bunch episode and why?

    I really enjoyed performing on all of the Brady Bunch episodes, but the one that was the most fun for me was the episode when Bob and Florence had to perform for the School PTA fundraiser. Singing and dancing with Florence in the hobo skit was a real thrill.

  9. Since Robert Reed has died, do you think their should be one last reunion with the Bradys dealing with Mike's death? Because the Bradys never dealed with death before.

    We all have mixed feelings as to whether we should have done one last episode dealing with Robert Reed's death. Who knows what the future will bring? I personally prefer to remember him as the warm, kind and generous human being that he was to everyone in our cast.

  10. Please tell me what your favorite T.V or movie role has been and why. Also is there a T.V. or movie role that you have wanted to do?

    The Barbara Mandrell Story that was done on CBS was a very challenging acting role for me. It required a lot of research and preparation, not to mention lots of practice on the saxaphone and steel guitar in my home, with a teacher for both instruments. I was also very grateful that CBS and Barbara selected me to play the role. Being given the chance to play a variety of parts such as "Touched by an Angel", "Single Guy". "Panic In the Skies" and recently "Teen Angel" and "Fortune Hunters" has allowed me to keep current with my Brady Bunch fans.

    As to which parts I wanted to do, and there were many, in this business you go out on many interviews and later find out that someone else got the part. One must be prepared to accept much rejection which is part of the business and be thankful for the parts you are selected for.

  11. Are you going to do another country album? I loved your first one.

    Thank you for your kind compliment on my album. I would love to do another album.

  12. If you had not been an actress what career would you have followed?

    If I had not become an actress, I would have probably gone into the teaching profession. preferably teaching drama in Junior High and High School. Presently I volunteer in my daughter's elementary school helping her teacher put on class plays.

  13. What was your most valuable learning experience growing up in an environment that placed you in front of millions of viewers every week and constantly had you in the public eye?

    My most valuable learning experience while growing up in the Brady Bunch and later appearing on many talk shows, is to "Speak no Evil, See no Evil, and Tell No Evil", and to be a good listener.

  14. The Brady Bunch was such a good show. Do you worry that there aren't enough shows like that for your daughter to enjoy today?

    Yes, I hope that the networks and sponsors are starting to get the message that wholesome family entertainment will be a refreshing change.

  15. Of all the people that you have ever worked with, who is your favorite and why, and who would you like to work with in the future, that you have yet to work with?

    Wouldn't everyone like to work with Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, and Dustin Hoffman, or Harrison Ford?

    Through the years, I have been so lucky to work with so many wonderful actors and actresses. Very early in my career, I did a play with Mike Connors, and worked with Ed Asner, the cast of Love Boat and Fantasy Island, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Streets of San Francisco, Harry-O. My Three Sons, Happy Days, Marcus Welby, Vegas, Farmer's Daughter, Herman's Head, Single Guy, Honey West,and Harvey Korman and Richard Thomas, recently, so I hope you will understand why I don't want to name any one as being my first choice. I have enjoyed each and every performance I have been in, whether it is stage, Broadway, voice work, television or movies or commercials.