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  • Name Alice's older sister?
  • In 'The Babysitters', why wasn't Alice home that evening?
  • When Alice sprained her ankle, what did Greg & Peter use to try and encourage her out of bed?
  • Who was the editor Carol met with regarding the magazine Tomorrow's Woman?
  • Which Brady was given the Indian name "Wandering Blossom"?
  • After Greg buys a lemon of a car, who does he try to sell it to?
  • When Peter was using a tape recorder to eavesdrop, what class was he getting a party for doing well in?
  • In "Snowwhite & the 7 Bradys" what prop they have to buy at the last minute?
  • When the Brady 6 wanted to record a song, how much did the studio cost to rent?
  • In 'The Brady Brides' what company did Marcia work for?