The weeks of Oct 29th-Nov 11th

What elementary school did the kids attend?		Clinton Avenue Elementary
When Greg is caught with cigarettes, who do they
 actually belong to?					Tommy Johnson
Which Brady fell while climbing a tree?			Bobby
Who wanted to make Greg the "New Johnny Bravo"?		Tami Cutler
Who played Millicent, the girl Bobby kissed?		Melissa Sue Anderson
When Peter double dates with Greg, what name
 does he use?						Phil Packer
What ice cream parlor did Marcia, Jan and
 Peter work at?						Haskell's
When Peter played football, what legend helped
 his team?						Deacon Jones
In making the Pilgrim movie, who did Greg want
 to play Priscilla?					Jan
In 'A Very Brady Christmas' what plans did Cindy
 change to come home?					skiing

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