Blake Foster
Born May 29, 1985

Appeared as Peter Brady

How long have you been acting?

I started acting when I was 18 months old (in commercials).

What are you long term goals related to the acting profession, do you want to make it a lifetime career or is it just something you are doing now?

My long term goals are to make acting my career, however I would really like to get behind the camera and direct. My last movie, Kids World, I was lucky enough to be able to direct one scene, I really loved that.

Do you plan to attend college?

Yes, I do plan to attend BIG dream is to attend UCLA film school , Graduate and be very successful in this industry

Can you tell us the basic plot of the movie - 'The Brady Bunch in the White House'?

Well, lets see ... the Plot....ok, Bobby is a Safety Monitor at school as in the original series. A little girl tells him her cat is in the abandoned building, so Bobby goes in there knowing it is wrong. While he is there he finds a wallet with a lottery ticket in its pocket. He takes it home and shows the other Bradys. They all get excited thinking they are sure to win, Mike and Carol assure them the chance's of winning the lottery are slim to nil. Being the Bradys we all know they are, they WIN. Mike, doesn't think it is right to continue without knowing the rightful owner of the wallet, the rightful owner is a convict who is on death row and dies. The Bradys eventually end-up donating the winnings to a homeless architect foundation =) . Meanwhile the elections in D.C. are held, they want an honest president.....Mike Brady? you guessed it. So I think I have said enough...

Were you a fan of the Brady Bunch prior to auditioning for this role?

Yes, I have been a Brady Bunch fan for as long as I can remember...I watch it on Nick at Night all the time.

What research did you do to prepare for your role as Peter Brady (i.e. watch the original show, the theatrical movies, talk with Christopher Knight, etc.)?

The research I did to prepare for this role was critical. I studied movement, edicates , language and facial expression, I had to learn how to eat, walk, talk and act like Peter Brady...not Blake Foster.

In your opinion, do you think the producers have gone to far in the Brady theme/saga in making this movie or do you think the fans will be happy for a new chapter/movie?

In my opinion I do not think they have gone too far with the Brady Bunch saga, I can not predict the future but I hope the Brady fans will love this new movie.

Are there plans for another television movie starring the new Brady cast?

I would love to do another movie..

What future projects are you currently scheduled to do (unBrady related)?

Well, at the moment I am on auditions...I am being considered for two theatrical roles. Wish me luck=)

Any comments you would like to share that hasn't been covered?

I just want to say I hope everyone loves watching the movie as I did making it!!!