Whew! I rattled that off pretty well. If I could only memorize my lines for “The Brady Bunch” as fast. You know, I’m a very lucky girl. I have two families. My real family consists of my parents and my three older brothers, and my pretend family is the gang on “The Brady Bunch”.

I’ve been an actress since I was seven years old and played the juvenile lead in “Wind It up and It Breaks” at La Jolla Playhouse. Mike Connors of “Mannix” played my father. After that I did some television commercials, and parts in TV series. So you can see I’ve been around Hollywood and acting for a pretty long time.

I get a lot of letters from girls all over the country who want to be actresses. They ask me if they should come to Hollywood. Here’s what I tell them. I was very fortunate in that my family lived in Los Angeles. There is just no way for a would-be actor or actress to come to Holly wood if he or she is under eighteen years of age. You see, the studios must abide by certain laws about the working conditions of minors, and there is no way a studio would assume responsibility for you if your parents lived in Columbus, Ohio for instance.

So in the meantime, finish you education and continue your interest in acting. Take a dram class, join a local theatre club, get experience wherever you can. When you’re ready, and when you’re of legal age, then give Hollywood a try. But remember you’re going to have a long hard pull ahead of you. For every girl that makes it, there are a hundred who don’t.