Meeting Barry

By Aimee
July 1, 2000

I had heard about Barry being at the Meadowlands about 2 weeks ahead of time. I knew there was a concert, but about a week ahead of time, my friend said "you know Barry's gonna be there on the 1st". So I pranced on the idea, and immediately started searching for details. Luckily, I could always count on Wendy. By the end of this story, you will learn a lot about how helpful of a "Brady Buddy" Wendy is for me. I didn't allow myself to get excited, because I may have already been busy, and I didn't know all the details. Anyway, I then learned the show was changed from 4:00, to 8:00. So, I looked into my plans and just my luck, I would get home a day before. Yeah! When my mom (a fan herself) found out, she decided to take me, so it became like a Barry hunt, or adventure you could say. With all plans confirmed, I soon went from mildly excited, to uncontrollably thrilled.

So (like my style, in this case) I at the last minute started getting my stuff together. Got all primped, got my picture (thanks again Wendy) and CD, and finally (after much time) slipped into the best outfit. (or at least that I could find) Laminated the picture on the way, and finally got to the stage room about a half an hour early, fresh tickets in hand!

Looking to the concert, I could go on and on. I also got to meet many Brady fans, and fans like me that appreciated him for many things. When Barry finally came out, (he actually didn't take as long as it seemed!) he made a great performance. He had such a good touch of knowing how to get into the concert with the audience. He had wonderful stage presence, that anyone could have sworn that he was singing only to them. He noticed everyone, leaving no one out. He was also very active. He had people come up to the stage and taught some "Brady Moves". Later during the concert he took Polaroids with many people. Towards the end, he answered questions and of course sang "Sunshine Day". He sang about 5 songs in total, all very good, and seemed pleased that most the audience sang along. He didn't sing "Johnny's Back" which I consider to be kind of a trademark or song for him, but he opened with "We Are The Champions" which made up for it to me. By the way, as has been said, Barry handled the whole "Greg Brady" reputation extremely well. I was so pleased at how he could laugh at the experience, or shrug off things that were silly. All in all, he really gave it his all, and needed a towel before the show even ended. I think I can say that at least mostly everyone was pleased.

But after the concert was when my fun really seemed to come. I got in line immediately, and there was still about a half an hour wait. All I can say is that Barry defiantly still has it.

When I got to meet Barry he couldn't have been any nicer. When I came up to him he immediately looked at me. He had a great grin on his face, and shook my hand. I immediately told him that I was a fan of a lot of his work, and he was very appreciative. He asked my name and personalized my picture nice and big with a heart around my name, and graciously signed my CD as well with a huge heart. He then posed for about 3 pictures for me. He was very hospitable. I didn't even have to ask for my stuff to be signed, and when my CD came out when I opened it, he helped me with it. (it was fine when I left, but got loose from so many people looking at it). We had a small chat, a few jokes, and he was very down to Earth. When I was just about to leave, I gave him a hug, and he gave me a great bear like hug and a very sweet kiss. I left changed, and watched him watch me as I left! So awesome!

I hung around until he left, and watched him with other people. He was very generous, patient, and never showed a sign of being tired. (I didn't know myself until he spoke privately) He made a promo with the station, and even waited to meet a few station workers that were fans and wanted to meet him! While waiting he sang and danced to the radio music with the audience, including me. Very enjoyable. Even when he was leaving, he made time for some final fans. Then driving away, I waved good-bye, and he winked and I think waved back, with same huge grin. Barry gave me such a wonderful time it was like a dream, but this dream I'll never forget. My overwhelmed thanks to Barry for totally highlighting my weekend, week, summer, and life. :)