I Met Barry Williams at the store

By Stephanie
August 28, 1999

I was with my aunt when she told me that Barry Williams was coming to town. I got really excited and all dressed up and started heading north to Rochester an hour away from us. When I got there all I did was stand there. I was one of the first ones in line and when he came out I started to cry almost and I got all scared. I could barley breath. When I got up there I was so scared and star struck that I could barely tell him my name. When I left I asked my mom how many pictures she took and she said 3. I was so mad because I wanted more so we went back and he had already left and he would not be back in another place for another 3 hours. We went all over looking for this place and when we finally got there they gave us glossy photos of him and color pictures of the whole crew from the Brady Bunch. It was the best day of my life.