A Four Year Olds' Dream

By Diane
February 25, 1999

My daughter, Savannah, who is in love with "groovy Greg" got a chance to meet, as she says, "her husband".

In February of this year Barry came to Philadelphia's Dave and Busters to host a spin off of the dating game hosted by 102.5. My daughter and I attended. Needless to say she was the only child or person under 21 for that matter in the room.

As she sat there on my lap waving her Growing up Brady Book in the air her eyes lit up the room. As the two hour show concluded he quickly left the stage. Me with the big mouth told Savannah she would meet him. So I quickly ran to a radio employee and asked them if she could go back stage. They told me to have a seat and they would see. Well 5 minutes later he appeared behind the curtain and pointed to her to come with him. My daughter shaking in her boots went back stage and talked with Barry. He signed her book and took an incredible picture with her.

This 3 minutes with Barry was the highlight of my daughter's life and will be hard to replace.