Meeting Barry Williams

By Nate
P.G. Utah

Here's a story (no pun intended) of when I met Barry Williams:

My friend, Cyndee, and I got there earlier than anyone else. We were very excited to see Barry Williams perform his "I was a Teenage Greg" speech at the local college. At 7:00, when he was scheduled to perform, he still had not arrived. We learned that his flight had been delayed, his luggage was lost, and other unfortunate problems had occurred.

He arrived at around 9:30, and was very cheery. The talk was interesting and afterwards, he was signing autographs, and he was a very nice guy. After all the things that had happened to him that night, he still took the time to meet and greet all his fans. My brother works on the college's news staff and so we got to be around when they interviewed him. He was very nice and took the time to answer all the questions, even though it was very late. We could tell that he was tired and not very happy about losing his luggage, but he was still nice to everyone. Very Brady like!