My First "Grown Up" Kiss

By Lisa McF.

It's no secret to anyone around me that I had my own Brady obsession growing up...coming from the 1st real generation of broken homes, I longed to "Be a Brady". This fascination has followed me throughout the years. My mom special ordered me a copy of "Growing Up Brady" for my 25th birthday when there we no copies to be found in central Ohio and just a little over a year ago, she ordered me the special edition (accompanied by the "Return of Johnny Bravo" CD) of the same book only this time it was autographed by Barry Williams himself. It was no woder that eventually I found the "Bradyworld" site while surfing the net. I was reading other people's "meet n greet" stories with the bunch when I suddenly remembered that I TOO had had my very own very Brady intimate moment. I can't believe that I had ever actually forgotten it...

I had my first kiss from a grown up that I was not related to from none other than our stud Greg himself..

It was summer of 1979, and Barry was appearing in the Kenley Players production of "Grease" as "Kenickie". My mom finagled my babysitter into taking me to see it. At the time "Grease" was still my favorite movie, and here was the play with a Brady in it to boot..can't beat that!

We waited in line for what seems like forever after the show and the cast came out and sat at one of those little lunch room tables in the lobby. This was my first celebrity encounter and I was scared, but was trying to think of something dazzling to say. Of course when it came my turn all I could do was blurt out to Barry, "I really loved you as Greg Brady" (ohhh real clever there Lisa!), and there I stood waiting for something magaical to happen. I remember Shelly the babysitter nudging me like "move dummy" and I was frozen to the spot. Barry eloquently saved the moment by standing up to lean over to kiss me, and he thanked me for coming to see him in THIS play, and he handed my signed program to Shelly, like "ok sis shes your problem now"..LOL...we finished out the line and got autographs from Gary Sandy (WKRP in Cincinnati) and Lorna Luft. I could not wait to get home and tell everyone I was kissed by a grown up, and not just any grown up but the Gregster himself!!

I still have that program and the diary that I kept has the gushing entry from that day. Looking back now, I'm glad that I have my own speical Brady memory, and I know how fortunate I am to have had that experience to cherish and share...