Here are the questions that were chosen and answered by Chris. Thanks to everyone who partipated and especially to Chris for taking the time to answer our questions.

Did you enjoy playing the other role as a Look-A-Like in the episode "Two Peas in a Pod" where another kid bumps into you at school, it looked so real!!! Do you remember doing that? Also, what was your favorite Brady Bunch episode to do?

"Two Petes in a Pod" was one of my favorites. Technically it was very cool and a privilege doing split screen. It was also a lot of fun because of some of the gags, bordering on slapstick comedy, were even cracking me up. It was also weird playing both characters when in the same scene, playing both parts, both sets of dialog - of course I couldn't be in both places at the same time so I had to play against our dialog coach doing my portrayal of the other character and then doing it again, swapping characters.

I also liked doing the Hawaii episodes because we got to go to Hawaii. Other favorites - "How to Succeed in Business" - getting fired from the bike shop and talking to pigeons"; "Peter & the Wolf" - double dating with Greg, disguised with mustache as Phil Packer, again funny stuff that was fun to perform and had the crew and all on the set laughing; "Everybody Can't be George Washington" - having to play Benedict Arnold in the school play and again, fun over the top physical comedy; "The Un-Underground Movie" - mega fun comic stuff playing Pilgrims for Greg's silent movie project; "Greg Gets Grounded" - now this episode is one of my favorites not because of any of the on screen antics, but because of the off-screen fun teasing Maureen with the giant Calavaras Jumping Frogs that appeared on the episode. Maureen was an incredible priss and an easy target for my practical jokes on a normal day. Add the frogs to the set and I was off to the races, putting them in her school desk, her dressing room, threatening to touch her with one. She was petrified of them (as she was with most non-human life forms) and would come unglued if a frog got close to her. Teasing her was my favorite pastime, one in which I a had plenty of accomplices - Mike, Barry, Eve and Susan.

I just wanted to know, would you consider doing a Brady reunion show? I think it would be great to have the family get together one more time for us Brady fans! Also do you miss acting?

I certainly would consider a reunion. It would need to fit with my schedule and other business obligations. Every reunion or regrouping of the Bunch has proven to be hugely enjoyable. We are like family, and our reunions are like true family reunions, with everyone catching up and generally enjoying each other's company. Since I'm not technically "pursuing an acting career" I've got little reason to be concerned on how doing a "Brady Reunion" may negatively effect my career. In this regard the decision for me may be easier then for most of the others.

Missing acting? Yes, the work, but not necessarily the business and all that surrounds it.

What was it like growing up Brady?

Hard question to answer. It's all I knew. Not always as positive as you may think. Many people looked down on it because of it's simplicity and morality. It wasn't at all a positive project to be associated with inside of the "artistic community" - too trivial and simple minded. On the other hand, the Brady's have been loved so long and by so many, it's transcended it's entertainment roots and become something greater. Because of this I'm extremely proud to have been part.

How did you get into acting, was it your parents influence or of your own liking and why did you get into acting?

Not at all my own. It was my Dad's idea. As an actor himself (a starving actor I might add), he innocently thought getting an agent, doing commercials, may be a way for my brother Mark and I to make some money to put away for a college education, as he certainly wasn't going to be able to put us through school. That's how it all began. Interestingly my brother Mark, who is 15 months older than I, went on all the same interviews and auditions. I was seven he was eight. I got the very first audition we ever went on, and after three years did 30-40 commercials, Mark never worked at all. It's not at all a very kind or just industry.

What was it like to be a kid on the Paramount lot during the time you were on "The Brady Bunch"? I imagine there would be a lot to see and explore. Thanks!

Yeah a lot! Quite literally a "Lot". The Paramount Studio Lot was old and filled with history and fun stuff. Mike and I would explore about, the old Bonanza western street, Mission Impossible set, Star Trek set, the prop department, costume dept., it was a giant playground.

Is Jordan Knight related to you? You look cute like Jordan. Are you related to Tuesday Knight who starred in Nightmare On Elm Street - Part 4 : The Dream Master?

I'm afraid we're not related. Neither Jordan, nor Tuesday. Nor others like Wyatt Knight and Michael Knight, not mentioned here but asked before.

I wanted to ask you if the cast still keeps in touch?

Yes! As a matter a fact just received an email from Susan about five minutes ago and ran into Mike two days ago while he was visiting LA, I saw Barry two weeks ago as he was in LA. We are all going a mile a minute in different directions, so it normally takes a reunion to bring us back together in mass.

I remember from the old Tiger Beat magazines reading that you had almost a zoo in your backyard. Do you still have lots of animals ? If so, cats?, dogs?, birds? or all of the above??

Interestingly, I find my life totally devoid of animals at this time. I think I need to change this, hmmmm! I do love animals and am fascinated by nature, but because of my constant travel schedule, I'm afraid I wouldn't be much of a care giver to any animal right now. This is a temporary thing, as I look forward to maintaining a new Zoo if I ever have children.

Chris, How many times have you been married and how long have you been married? Do you have children?

I have been married twice - once 3.5 years and the second time four years.

If someone approached you about having your children star in a TV sitcom, would you let them do it?

Not! If my child came up to me and asked I'd say no. So I'd certainly would not be influenced by any person from outside the family.

  1. I just don't believe there is any success as a child that is consequential (in a positive way, both emotionally and professionally) to a successful adult career.
  2. I think it's the parents job to work, to have "adult world pressures", not the child's.
  3. I believe a childhood is sacred and should not be stolen for adult gain. There will be plenty of time to exist as an adult. There are precious few years as a child and each year is so unique, this time needs to be spent being...a kid.

Now if my child wanted help becoming a professional actor at say 18 or 21 I'd be all over it, helping wherever I could. Just not prior. If my child really had a joy in play acting, then I'd support their efforts in school productions and such. But no professional endeavors until their an adult.

What was it that got you interested in the computer world and away from acting? What kind of a degree did you get for your line of work and from where?

I'm "wired" more appropriately for a career where I'm involved with the creation of practical, useful solutions based in science, technology or engineering. Though I love the creative process of acting, I'm not built particularly well for the entertainment industry.

I'm un-degreed and self taught or life taught. Though I started at UCLA and was leaning toward a Geology major, I didn't finish.

How would you compare your (past) job as an actor as opposed to your current position as a Vice President for Sales/Marketing? Any similarities or differences?

Very different indeed. The most important difference is... on my current career path I sell an object, service or concept that is outside of self, in acting you sell you. "You" is for me very scary and too limited. For me it's always been hard to get a good objective view of myself.

The similarities would be that in the computer world, the engineers are the "Stars" and in my capacity as VP, I'm sorta like the producer or director helping to guide and bring out the best in the Stars (engineers). They can be brilliant and temperamental but in them lies so much creativity and passion they remind me of actors. So, in a way my past experience in Hollywood is serving as a model for my work in Silicon Valley.

Since you are a computer programmer, Have you created any educational fun programs for teens? And are they PC compatible or just for MAC?

I'm not an engineer nor a programmer. In a past company, Kidwise, we were building edutainment titles for children. One of our titles was Brady's Across America, an educational and entertaining geography game. Unfortunately the title was never finished and the company closed down.

Is your computer company successful? Where can I get your Brady Bunch game?

Our company Eskape Labs is starting out very successfully, but we are still in the very early stages of corporate growth. We only started the company 11 months ago.

Re: Game, it's not available (see above).

If you could invite 3 people from history (dead or alive) to have dinner at your home.... who would they be and what would you cook. And why?

Interesting question....

I'm going to give it more thought and get back to you...